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Dear traveler, warmest of welcomes. We feel great to present Pakistan as your next travel destination.

What started as an effort of a single man in a small office in Gilgit back in 1987 has expanded into an organisation dedicated in promotion of Tourism in Pakistan. Pamir Tours has seen many good and bad times. But despite the fact, it has been known as one of the most successful and pioneering tour operators in Pakistan. We pioneered the Heli Charter and Heli Safari service in Pakistan in 1997 when the German industrialist, Mr. Stoffell, celeberated his birthday at 10000 feet at 'zero point', that is where the three mountain ranges of Karakoram, Hindukush and Himalayas meet. Ranging from Bicyce tours to tailor made activities, Pamir Tours has always kept the upper hand always trying to provide something new and different in its services.

Experience the existence of the highest mountain ranges in the world: Karakoram,Himalayas and Hindukush. Follow the land on the Karakoram Highway, known as 8th wonder of the world, through the breath-taking, eye catching deep gorges of the Indus: the Lion river. Spend a few days in the Majestic Land of Hunza, inhabited by the people who are known for their longevity.

Walk to the glaciers flowing down from the soaring peaks. Bustling bazaars, picturesque valleys, majestic mountains - Experience the tranquility, the culture, the adventure - from trekking in the high mountains to experiencing the breathtaking Hunza Valley, overlooked by the legendary and beautifully restored Baltit fort. Whatever your needs - adventure travel or simply a relaxing family vacation - you can rely on Pamir Tours.You will be warmly received by our professional, courteous associates, offering bilingual tour and travel services. We have appeared on BBC international programming, and have featured in world travel books. Our decade and half long experience has kept us on top of the most known tour operators in Pakistan.

The Northern Areas is our home, and we have been taking care of guests since 1987. We look forward to welcoming you. Home to 5 of the world's 8000 meter peaks, the mountainous north of Pakistan includes some of the wildest and most spectacular landscape on earth. For lovers of real adventure travel this remote territory is hard to beat, with its rarely trekked trails, pristine campsites and charming local people who treat all visitors with friendly curiosity. A part of the attraction of Pakistan is the fact that it has changed a lot over the years .

Although there are now tourist class hotels in some of the larger towns and access to the high valleys is improving. There are established trekking routes in the Karakoram and Hindu Kush ranges and each year we look to expand and improve our range of Pakistan trips.

Dear travelers and visitors to Pakistan, Pakistan is country of immense hospitality, culture and loving caring people. It is a country that offers a landscape so versatile that it stands second to none. Its clean envirnment, its healthy water springs, ancient civilisations, restored forts that have won international recognition and fame. All these contribute to the many successful ventures tourists visitng pakistan have. But please do take good care of the environment when you are visitng Pakistan. As people living in this world differ in specs or in spaces, but the point to note is we all live in one common place, this world.


Zia Ullah Baig
Owner-Pamir Tours

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