Blue Sheep (Bharal) Watching Tour

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  • In Pakistan the Blue Sheep or Bharal (Pseudois nayaur nayaur) inhabits the remote and inaccesible mountian ranges of the Karakoram in Northern Pakistan at 3000-5550 m / 10,000-18,500 ft. Blue sheep are not as agile as ibex,and are typically found on more open and grassy areas. Blue sheep are found in Chat Pirt and Ghujerav areas of Shimshal in Baltistan (information by Sher Ali: Shimshal Nature Trust). They are also found in Khunjerab National Park. Shimshal marks the western most limit of their range in the Himalaya. It is believed that Bharal are common in the Shimshal area, but overall they are very local in distribution in Pakistan. Bharal meat is favoured by Shimshalis and they are hunted quiet often. The bharal was described by Hodgson in 1833. Bharal is a Hindi name, while "blue sheep" is a reference to the bluish sheen in the coat. The short, dense coat is slate grey in colour, sometimes with a bluish sheen. The underparts and backs of the legs are white, while the chest and fronts of the legs are black. Separating the grey back and white belly is a charcoal coloured stripe. The ears are small, and the bridge of the nose is dark. The horns are found in both sexes, and are ridged on the upper surface

  • Day 1 Islamabad - Rawalpindi
    Arrive at Islamabad. Transfer to hotel. Evening city tour of Islamabad and rawalpindi.Overnight at hotel.
    Day 2 Islamabad - Besham
    Drive on the KKH towards our Besham. This is a wonderful drive on the Karakoram Highway. Enroute we shall be visiting stone carvings at chilas. Pass by view points of Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi peaks. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 3 Besham - Hunza
    Continue our drive on to the valley of Hunza. This will be our stop for the day. Transfer to hotel. evening walks to local bazaar. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 4 Hunza - Shimshal
    Early morning visit to Alti and Baltit forts before leaving to Shimshal valley. The drive takes us on the ancient silk route and into the wonderful valley of shimshal. We gear for the trek to get closer to the habitat, after the preparations, leave for the habitat. Spending most of the day trekking. Overnight in camps.
    Day 5 Shimshal
    Spend the day in the habitat. Overnight in camps.
    Day 6 Shimshal
    Same as day 5
    Day 7 Shimshal - Karimabad (HUNZA)
    Today we decided to leave if we are lucky enough to have done watching the Blue Sheep in the previous three day. Drive to Hunza. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 8 Hunza - Chilas
    Early morning departure to Chilas. Spend rest of the day visiting Chilas and ancient stone sciptures of Chilas. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 9 Chilas - Islamabad
    Continue the drive on to Islamabad. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 10 Islamabad - Destination
    Flight to destination.
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