Chitral-Kelash (Kailash) Tour

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  • The Kalash or the Kalasha are the only pagan minority residing in the Chitral district of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhua. They form the smallest minority community in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Though the people of Kalash were once in a large number, around 200,000, the number has dwindled so much so that only a handful of Kalashas remain— about 3000 to 4000. The striking decrease in the population of Kalashas pertains to the forceful conversion of these pagans to Islam. Even in the current day scenario, smallest pagan minority is hardly given any rights and is not recognized as a separate entity. Only a handful of foreign NGOs are working towards the development and progress of this area and tribe. The Kalashas live in three valleys of Chitral namely, Rumbur, Brumbret and Birir. The Rumbur and Brumbret form a single culture due to their very similar cultural practices, while Birir being the most traditional one forms a separate culture. The people of Kalash or white skinned with golden brown hair and blue eyes.

  • Day 1 Islamabad / Rawalpindi
    Arrive at Islamabad. Transfer to hotel. Evening city tou of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 2 Swat Valley
    Drive on to the beautiful swat valley.Enroute to swat visit the famous Taxila Bhudda ruins and Taxila museum. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 3 Swat - Chitral
    Early morning drive to Chitral passing through scenic valleys and mountains. By this moment we shall be in the Hindukush mountain ranges after passing through lowari pass. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 4 Chitral - Kelash
    Next day visit the Kelash people in Kelash. Have a closer look to the Kelashi Culture. Drive back to Chitral for overnight. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 5 Kelash.
    Today spend the whole day visitng various other places in Kelash and spending the day meeting local people. Drive back to Chitral. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 6 Chitral -Swat.
    Drive back to Swat retracing the same route. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 7 Swat - Islamabad
    Drive back to Islamabad. Flight to destination
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