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  • The city of Moen-Jo-Daro. The discovery of ruins here was made in 1922 A.D. The whole city is about five kilometers in circumference. It is divided into two distinct parts. There is the hill, the mound, over to the west and the larger lower city down to the east where most of the people lived. The mound, so-called citadel, is man-made, built purposefully higher than the rest of the city, so that the people who lived there, the rulers, could have a clear view out over their domain. Equally, the citizens living down the hill could always be reminded that they were subject to a greater power.
    Multan, one of the most ancient cities of Pakistan has the distinction of possessing an almost uninterrupted history of religio-political activities spread over a period of not less than five thousand years. 
    Multan has the longest continuous history in Punjab. Originally the river Ravi flowed through Multan. But about 300 years ago the river turned its course westward. It is now the river Chenab which flows by this ancient city. According to some traditions, Multan is as old as Noah's flood. It is also said that Alexander the Great conquered the city in 326-325 BC after a fierce battle.
    Sukkur has been an important strategic centre and trading route from time immemorial. The (current) district of Sukkur was constituted in 1901 out of part of Shikarpur district, the remainder of which was formed into the district of Larkano. Sukkur saw a significant socio-economic uplift after 1930s, when British Raj of India built the world largest barrage here on river Indus..

  • Day 1 Islamabad
    Receive at Islamabad International Airport and transfer to hotel. Evening spent visiting Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Ovenight at hotel.
    Day 2 Lahore
    Drive on the Motorway to Lahore. Day spent visiting various places in Lahore including food streets.
    Day 3 Multan
    Drive to Multan via Harrapa. Visit ancient prehistoric sites of Indus civilisation. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 4 Bahawalpur
    Drive to Bahawalpur.Visit various artistic sites. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 5 Sukkur
    Drive to Sukkur.Visit famous forts and other historical sites. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 6 Moen-jo-Daro
    Drive on to Moen-jo-Daro to visit the magnificent sites of Indus civilisations.Overnight at hotel.
    Day 7 Sukkur
    Drive back to Sukkur. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 8 Multan
    Drive from Sukkur to Multan. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 9 Islamabad
    Drive to Islamabad. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 10 Islamabad
    Rest day. Overnight at hotel.
    Day 11 Flight to destination.
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