Shimshal - Mingling (Minglik) Sar Trek

Trek Details

  • Accessible only through a narrow, barren gorge opposite Passu across the Hunza River, one might be surprised to find out that Shimshal covers the largest territory within theb Region of Hunza. From its western reaches bordered by the Hunza River, Shimshal area extends as far as Baltistan to the East and its northern Khunjerab River demarcates the frontier with China. Following the glacial Shimshal River, which separates the Ghuzherav and Hispar Muztagh ranges of the Karakoram mountain system, upward, the rocky valley gradually widens. After what used to be a two days’ hike along a treacherous path, a jeep-road now leads over a multitude of remarkable hanging-bridges to the cultivated fields and green terraces of Shimshal village. Shimshal’s friendly farming and herding community is entirely comprised of Wakhi speakers and due to the valley’s remoteness and difficult accessibility, much of their traditional Wakhi culture has remained intact. Just as centuries ago, Shimshalis lead a simple life dictated by the seasons and the nature around them. Well adjusted to their high altitude life, with summer pastures lying as high as 4800m, Shimshalis also have a reputation as excellent porters, mountain guides and mountaineers many of whom have scaled 8000m peaks. The diversity of Shimshal’s landscape, including flower-covered meadows, pastures, high passes, glaciers, unclimbed peaks, rocky canyons and barren mountain ranges is a pristine paradise for trekkers and adventurers. Researchers and wildlife enthusiasts can arrange for special treks to observe ibex, blue sheep and other indigenous species in their natural environment

  • Day 1 Islamabad Islamabad.
    Day 2 Islamabad - Gilgit/Chilas
    Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.
    Day 3 Gilgit/Chilas - Karimabad
    Drive to Karimabad either from Gilgit or Chilas. Hotel.
    Day 4 Karimabad
    Visit Altit and Balt forts. Hotel.
    Day 5 Karimabad - Shimshal
    Drive to Shimshal (3000m). Tent.
    Day 6 Wuch Furzeen
    Trek to Wuch Furzeen (3365m). Tent.
    Day 7 Shizherav
    Trek to Shizherav (4350m). Tent.
    Day 8 Mingling Base Camp
    Trek to Mingling BC. Tent.
    Day 9 Minling
    Free day. Tent.
    Day 10 Shizherav
    Trek back to Shizherav (4350m). Tent.
    Day 11 Wuch Furzeen
    Trek to Wuch Furzeen (3365m). Tent. Day 12 Shimshal
    Trek to Shimshal. Tent.
    Day 13 Shimshal - Gilgit
    Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.
    Day 14 Gilgit - Islamabad/Besham
    Fly to Islamabad or drive to Besham in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.
    Day 15 Islamabad
    Free day.
    Day 16 Islamabad - Destination
    Transfer to airport for flight to destination.
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